Sharp Love Productions desires to influence the realm of fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion training, and fashion production with the aim to create a close collaboration between our the world and the connection to the gift and blessing.

Kayla Nettles

Kayla Vaughn


Kayla Vaughn, originally from Slidell, Louisiana, has always been driven to be successful in anything that she does. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Southeastern Louisiana University but she began to notice her interest in modeling and fashion shortly thereafter.

Kayla joined The Sterling Agency for Models & Talent in her hometown and started to build her portfolio with print work, but it was not until she relocated to Montgomery, Alabama in 2012 that she really dived into fashion. She began showcasing her talent and making her presence known on many runways in the community before launching K Love Designz. This brand is one that revamps your wardrobe by changing the way you see fashion while specializing in custom shoe designs.

Cornell Lewis

Cornell Lewis


Cornell Lewis, known as C Sharp Styles, is originally from Detroit, Michigan. After high school he moved to Montgomery, AL to pursue a degree in theater arts. Cornell received his Bachelors at Alabama State University and his Master of Science degree at Troy University.

Through the love arts he gained an interest for modeling and began making head way with local fashions shows in Montgomery Al. This afforded him the opportunity to make his way to the big stage of New York Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week and New Orleans Fashion Week just to name a few. It was through modeling that he found his passion for styling and also becoming a show producer.

Sharp Love Pro

Sharp Love Productions - Together

Cornell Lewis and Kayla Vaughn have not only experienced modeling together but they have worked collectively in several productions. With each of their contributions to hard work and dedication over the years, they grew to form a joint venture company named Sharp Love Productions.

Their goal is not only to bring you amazing fashion but to fulfill their mission of leaving an imprint with each production. Their individual unique styles and creativity leave clients feeling confident, important, and like superstars. Cornell and Kayla realize that their talents go beyond fashion and they strive to give people a spirit of confidence, encouragement, and inspiration.


At Sharp Love Productions, our mission is to use fashion as an avenue to bring people together by creating an uplifting, inspiring experience. We partner with models, designers, actors, and creators who are passionate about their craft, and who aspire to make an impact on their communities.

Our styles and creativity grip the imaginations of our audience, invoking delight and wonder, but our impact steps beyond the end of the runway. Our purpose is to imprint upon the communities we reach and instill creativity to inspire change.

01. – create

Creation is at the core of what we do. We create. Clothing, art, fashion, drama, music, and experience.

We take all the pieces and put them together to form a complete experience for the communities and partners we work with.

02. – uplift

Our ethos is focused on helping build and strengthen the community.

We bring a positive and uplifting impact by connecting creators and artists with the communities they live in.

03. – inspire

Art that is not experienced, is wasted.

We partner with amazing people who make amazing things.

Their work inspires everyone it touches, and we help them reach as many people as possible.

04. – experience

If we just displayed content, we’d be a museum. We are so much more.

We build experiences for the whole community to participate and engage in.