Our excellent team help us to be the best we can be.

Our team

Ona Medlock

First Experience Director

Serves as the first point of contact to ensure guest feel welcomed from the moment they arrive to a Sharp Love Productions event

Sonya Satterfield

Program Director & Coordinator 

Meets frequently with directors to ensure organization and all details are top notch so that all guest & participants have a seamless experience

Tyrone Jackson

Security & Hospitality Director

Ensure all guests & participants feel safe during the entire show & also serves as the point of contact for maintaining a vibrant and comfortable backstage environment.

Deshawnda Partlow

Backstage Director 

Serves as the first point of contact for all backstage activities. Ensures the constant flow of the production according to the director’s expectations and creative vision.

Tiara Fencher

Talent & Assistant Creative Director 

Determines the talent needs for production and selects the most suitable talent while organizing & overseeing model training.