At Sharp Love Productions our mission is to use fashion as an avenue to bring people together by creating an uplifting, inspiring experience. We partner with models, designers, actors, and creators who are passionate about their craft, and who aspire to make an impact on their communities.

Our styles and creativity grip the imaginations of our audience, invoking delight and wonder, but our impact steps beyond the end of the runway. Our purpose is to imprint upon the communities we reach and instill creativity to inspire change.



Creation is at the core of what we do. We create. Clothing, art, fashion, drama, music, and experience.

We take all the pieces and put them together to form a complete experience for the communities and partners we work with.


Our ethos is focused on helping build and strengthen community.

We bring positive and uplifting impact by connecting creators and artists with the communities they live in.


Art that is not experienced, is wasted.

We partner with amazing people who make amazing things.

Their work inspires everyone it touches, and we help them reach as many people as possible.


If we just displayed content, we’d be a museum. We are so much more.

We build experiences for the whole community to participate and engage in.